Former Companies

Below is a list of Companies who have disbanded over the years. For those marked with an asterisk we only have an approximate date, if you can provide any information to complete our history please get in touch by email at:

4th Airdrie St Columba Church of Scotland, 1922-1991*
5th Airdrie Ebenezer Congregational, 1932-2008*
6th Airdrie Broomknoll Parish Church, 20/01/1926-31/08/2015, merged with 7th Airdrie to form 6/7th Airdrie
7th Airdrie Flowerhill Parish Church, 19/10/1927-31/08/2015, merged with 6th Airdrie to form 6/7th Airdrie
9th Airdrie Park Congregational, 1936-1989*
10th Airdrie Coatdyke Congregational, 1941-1988*
11th Airdrie ?, 12/03/1953-2015
12th Airdrie South Bridge Church of Scotland, 1955-1973
13th Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1957-1973
14th Airdrie Airdrie Baptist, 1954-1959
15th Airdrie Graham St, U.F., 1963-1972
1st Annathill Annathill Mission, 1926-1939 then suspended, re-enrolled 1947-1957
1st Bargeddie Braehead U.F., 1963-?*
1st Calderbank Calderbank Parish Church, 1911-1975 then suspended, re-enrolled 1980-1986 *2019 Company is restarting*.
1st Chapelhall Chapelhall Parish Church, 26/10/1909-31/08/2017
2nd Coatbridge Blairhill Church, 1909-1974, Merged with 14th Coatbridge to form 15th Coatbridge
3rd Coatbridge Coatdyke Trinity, 1909-1972
4th Coatbridge E.U. Cong then Cliftonhill Parish, 1911-1972
5th Coatbridge West Free, 1921-1985
6th Coatbridge Old Monkland, 1931-1939 then suspended, re-enrolled 1952-1985
8th Coatbridge Whifflet U.F. 1945-1977
9th Coatbridge Coatbridge Baptist, 15/08/1949-31/08/1994
11th Coatbridge Calder Parish Church, 1956-2004*
12th Coatbridge Maxwell Church of Scotland, 1960-1993
13th Coatbridge Coatdyke Parish Church, 1972-?*
14th Coatbridge 1972-1974, Merged with 2nd Coatbridge to form 15th Coatbridge
1st Glenboig Glenboig Church of Scotland, 1932-1976
1st Greengairs Greengairs U.F. 1926-1926, Greengairs Parish Church 1939-1973
1st Holytown Part of Coatbridge District Council in 1914 but no further details recorded