List of Presidents

1922 – 1925 Mr G. B. Motherwell

The first President of the Battalion served in this role for 3 years and then as Secretary from 1925 – 1927 and was the only one of the early officials who was not involved in Company work.

1925 – 1926 Mr G. Kerr

The first term of Mr Kerr’s Presidency, more will be said in his second term.

1926 – 1928 Mr A. J. Smith

He was Captain of 3rd Coatbridge Company and described as a gentle sort of person who carried on both his Company work and that of the Battalion. He was Commandant of the Battalion’s first Camp at Kinghorn.

1928 – 1931 Mr J. Cherrie

Jack Cherrie was an Officer with 3rd Airdrie Company since their formation and later he became Captain. Pressure of work caused him to resign early but he maintained his Company work for many more years.

1931 – 1951 Mr G. Kerr

George Kerr’s name is synonymous within The Boys’ Brigade in general and in particular the 4th Airdrie company and this Battalion. He was a man of great public spirit and served as a member of Coatbridge Town council. It’s true to say his first love was the Boys Brigade.

George was a strict disciplinarian, with very high principles who derived from others a strong sense of loyalty and  dedication to his cause. His epitaph of“Justice was seen to be done” will live long with those he mentored.

The Boys Brigade nationally and locally owe much to the service of George Kerr and he will be fondly remembered as a great driving force in this Battalion.

1951 – 1964 Mr R. M. Danskin

Robert Danskin was well known in both towns for his  charitable work and organising ability as well as his unstinting devotion to God.

He applied to the position of president his customary vigour and organisational skills, and the Boys Brigade were caught by and infected with his ebullient enthusiasm and the battalion went from strength to strength under his leadership.

1964 – 1973 Mr T. J. Dunlop

Jim was a director of a local metal merchants, active in the Local burns club and well versed in the ways of the Boys Brigade, he was the unanimous choice to become President.

Jim came through the ranks of the Company of the 1st Coatbridge, becoming an Officer there. He transferred to 7th Coatbridge where he was a successful Captain form 1949-64. only leaving this post to become the Battalion President.

Jim has stamped his personality on this Battalion and he was constantly visiting Companies and passing on his wisdom and enthusiasm.

His organising abilities were legendary in not only local business but he took on the role of Chairman and organiser of the National cross Country Championships.

As well as being Session clerk to Middle Church, Jim gave wonderful service to the Boys Brigade at all levels and has shaped the way this Battalion is today.

1973 – 1980 Mr J. D. Thomson

John Thomson had served the Battalion for many years before becoming President, he was Foundry Manager with R.B. Tenants in Coatbridge and also became Captain of 7th Airdrie Company.

John was destined for greater work and only resigned his term as President to be come a Minister with the Church of Scotland.

1980 – 1985 Mr W. Hamilton

William Hamilton had served the Battalion for many years as Captain of 1st Chapelhall Company and as Battalion treasurer.

1985 – 2003 Mr J. H. Sanderson

Jack was previously Captain of 9th Coatbridge Company from 1967-84, having joined them as a Boy in 1953. He was appointed as Vice President for one year before taking over as President.

His personal commitment and enthusiasm were major factors in the way the Battalion has progressed and developed in his 18 years in charge.

His service to the Brigade over 50 years has been a credit to himself and his family, Jack is an example to all those who come into contact with him. We in the Battalion are proud to know Jack and we look forward to his support over many years to come.

2003 – 2012 Mr F. Burns

Frank was Captain of 1st Airdrie Company and led the Company through its most successful period.

2012 – Present Mr G. Bustard

George was Captain of 10th Coatbridge Company and has been Battalion Vice President for 10 years.